Will Media SHUT UP About Anna Nicole?

February 18th, 2007 | Posted in Entertainment, Misc Assorted General Stuff, News | Comments Off on Will Media SHUT UP About Anna Nicole?

The following is a repost of an entry from 2/17/07 that I had to
temporarily delete in order to find and fix a problem.

I’m beginning to wonder if they ever will. This woman was famous for no
really good reason. The only noteworthy things she did to achieve fame
was to pose naked in playboy, and get married to a wealthy old man who
died and left her a fortune.

As I understand it, her life since then was something of a circus and
full of a lot of problems. Then not too long ago her son dies from drug
related cause. Now she is dead from a probably similar drug related

Since her death, there has been even more reason to for the media to
keep bringing her up. Several people are actually fighting over her
remains, they’re also fighting over where she’s to be buried and to top
it all off, there are at least three people claiming to be the father of
her child.

Why? Could it have something to do with the fact that she could inherit
millions? I wouldn’t be surprised at all. The one question I would like
to see the answer to is "What about the child? Who is looking out for
HER best interest rather than their own?"

I think the answer to that is simple. Anna Nicole’s mother. I saw her on
GMA last week and she made it clear that she’s not intereted in the
money and she’s actually not insisting on custody of the child. She just
wants to make sure that the child is in a healthy, safe enviroment.

As to who’s the father, If they won’t take a DNA test then that tells me
that they’re not really interested in doing what’s best for the child,
they just want the money.

While we’re at it, I saw a survey that makes me really wonder why the
media won’t shut up about her. The survey asked Who
do you think is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s infant daughter?

The results speak for themselves:

  • 8% – Howard K. Stern
  • 17% – Larry Birkhead
  • 1% – Prince Frederic von Anhalt
  • 8% – None of the above
  • 61% – I don’t care

As for the question I asked in the title of this post. I have no doubt
that just like Elvis, People will be seeing her in diners across America
and on the bridges of UFO’s for many years to come. Just watch the
tabloids, you’ll see.



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