I should have known that the recent silence of Mr. Helpful would not last.  It’s actually been quite a while since I’ve had him stop by my office at two or three in the morning to offer me some earth shattering (to hear him talk about it anyway) advice of one kind or another.

This morning around 2:30 am the silence was broken when he stopped by to tell me about this online university that I ought to check out because they apparently have a set of courses that are, in Mr Helpful’s words, “just perfect” for me.

I told him I’d give it all of the due consideration that it was worth and did my best to send him on his way as quickly as possible.

The thing is, after he left it occurred to me that there actually *IS* a online university or two that I’d like to check out.  Specifically that offer courses in various aspects of video making from scriptwriting to post production.

I don’t think I’ll ever tell him about it because that would only encourage more three am visits but I think he actually had the seeds of a good idea this time.

We shall see.

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