I’m starting to think that I may have opened the floodgate to Mr. Helpful’s advice.  I hope I haven’t because the last time that happened It took a full three months to get him focused on something that wasn’t me, my health and my business.

The first sign that this might be the case is that after having shown up at 2:30 am, he showed up again this afternoon with yet more free advice.  Apparently he’d heard about the problem I’ve been having with royalty free music and came by to give me a list of Texas Business Lawyers that he was certain could help solve all of my woes.

Of course, there’s the little detail that I don’t live or work in Texas and therefore Texas law would not apply.  There’s also the fact that lawyers, like many professionals, have a habit of wanting to be paid for their services and that’s something that I just can’t do right now.

Do I dare wonder what Mr. Helpful will come up with next?

Oh, the anticipation.  It’s like walking on razor blades.

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