In an interesting, if way out sounding news story, it it turns out that
among others, NASA scientists are taking very seriously the possibility
that the Earth could one day be hit by a meteor large enough to do
serious damage.

The one almost odd thing about this story is that it is not being
treated as a joke or very unlikely possibility. Scientists have
identified no less than 127 Near Earth Objects. One of them that they
call Apophis is 300 meters in diameter. That’s 981 feet, just a little
over a football field less than a quarter of a mile wide.

The scientist say that there is a 1 in 45,000 chance that it will hit
the earth in the year 2036, based on information and calculations that
they have so far.

Now I don’t know if that meteor is going to actually hit, or when that
might happen but I can say with certainty that there will be a meteor
strike. In fact, it could well be within our lifetimes. While I can’t
say if it’s the one NASA is calling Apophis or not, I do know that the
Bible calls it Wormwood. I also know that when it hits, one third of the
water on Earth will be poisoned. Not long after that, the sun, moon and
stars will be one third dimmer than they are now.

I know these things because they’ve been predicted in Bible prophecy two
thousand years ago. I also know because it’s easy to look around and see
the prophecies of the last days coming into place all around us.

I also know that in those days the only real hope that anyone will have
is if they are counted among God’s children. The only way that’s going
to happen is if they have accepted God’s
Greatest Gift
, which is the salvation Jesus offers free for the

warning system needed, says panel

Strikes are rare, but the results could be cataclysmic; an early
detection system could prevent such impacts, scientists say.


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