For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get a map utility working for Minecraft.  I’m not talking about one of those “minimap” things that runs in the corner of the screen while the game is running.  I’m talking about a utility that extracts information from the save file and uses it to generate a Google Maps style view of the game world.

In that time I have tried no less than six, possibly seven, tools that claim to do the job.  In all but one case it seemed like one needed a series of engraved gold invitations before one could expect answers, let alone *USEFUL* answers from whatever powers that be who were in charge of a given utiltity.

Then I found “Tectonicus” on the Minecraft forum.  At first I had the same result with it that I had with all the rest.  For whatever reason it simply refused to work for me.

However this time my efforts to find helpful information payed off and I found “TectonicusGUI“.  This tool is the key that unlocked Tectonicus for me.

This resulted in me now having a map of my world online.  I realize that it’s not all that much to look at now but this is going to change as I work on various building projects and explore more of the world.

You can find this Map of my world at  I plan to update this map periodically as changes in my world warrant it.

If you spot something cool or even epic that I’ve missed be sure to let me know!!!

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