I *know* I need to quit smoking.  I’ve known it for better than 30 years.  I even managed to quit for about five years.  Then my wife died and I started back up like I hadn’t missed a beat.

Then in the last few years the price of cigarettes has climbed so high that I have had to switch to less expensive brands because my preferred name brand now costs nearly six dollars a pack.

Finally I did end up quitting, cigarettes that is, smokes are still part of my life at the moment (it really is one hell of an addiction) however I switched to cheyenne filtered cigars.  They’re a LOT less costly than the name brands or even the so-called generic brands.  Not only that but they’re noticeably stronger in the flavor department.  No more wondering if there’s holes in the filter.

Yeah.  I know.  I still need to quit.  It’ll happen.  If nothing else sooner or later I’ll reach a point where I decide that other expenses are more important.  In the meantime I continue to fail at quitting.

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