Kids Build Soybean Fueled Sports Car

March 2nd, 2006 | Posted in News, Technology | Comments Off on Kids Build Soybean Fueled Sports Car

This is one of those stories that make me wonder just what the Auto industry has developed and simply put on a shelf someplace because they’re making more money by keeping things the way they are now for as long as they possibly can.

Kids Build Soybean Fueled Sports Car
Sterling D. Allan writes “High school students from West Philadelphia High School have designed a sports car that can go from zero to 60 in four seconds and get more than 50 miles to the gallon on soy bean oil. CBS News reports that this unlikely car was the star last week at the Philadelphia Auto Show. Once again, are we seeing the fabled instance of revolutionary technology coming not from the big corporations, but from some unlikely garage. Maybe these guys will open source their design.”

While it would be great if this design were released as open source or just plain public domain, I’m fairly certain that it will probably be bought up by an auto maker or an oil company (or any other company that has a vested interest in cars staying the same as they are because they make more money this way.) and then it’ll be put on a shelf someplace while the corporate entity in question spews a load about how many decades of research they’ll need to do in order to make the design available en-masse on the showroom floors of the world at prices Joe and Jane Average can afford.

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