I knew the second that I said it that I should have kept my mouth shut.  Really, I know better.  It is never a good idea to even HINT that you have a need of some kind when Mr. Helpful is around.  Doing so guarantees that sooner or later, usually sooner, he’ll show up with a whole slew of “helpful suggestions” for ways to fill that need.  It doesn’t matter if you were only thinking out loud about something you *might* want to do.  If he perceives a need that’s all it takes.

What did I say?  I was talking about Minecraft and how I’d kinda like to start my own multiplayer server but that I couldn’t really because I don’t have enough of the right computer hardware to host it on.  I knew trouble was coming when he started asking if the game server was anything like web hosting (it is, only instead of running a web server it’s running the server version of Minecraft.)

He asked a few more questions and I tried my level best to give him answers that, while true, would emphasize that I was only thinking out loud about something I’d like to do someday when I had the time & equipment.

When he changed the subject and then later left without mentioning it again I thought that I might have gotten a reprieve.

I was wrong.

He showed up at my office promptly at 2:30am the next day, strolling right in like he owned the place (he doesn’t, I do.) in spite of the fact that I keep my doors locked, especially when I’m busy (which I was).

He wasted no time at all, starting off as usual by dropping several hundred pages of printouts on my desk.  As he began to explain what it was I leafed through it.  He had compiled a comprehensive list of managed hosting and enterprise level server companies along with pros and cons of each, costs and so on.

I tried to explain once again that even if I were to go ahead with the server that I was toying with the idea of running I doubt seriously that I would need a full blown enterprise solution to run it on.  Granted, there are some serious advantages to a colocation service but somehow I don’t think anyone has ever used one to run a game server that would, at the very absolute most, have a dozen people using it at any given time.

Of course I could be wrong but would you go to that extreme to host a game server for yourself and a few friends?

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