I saw some video footage recently the image of which has stuck with me even though I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it.  (what can I say, I watch a LOT of online video and it’s easy to confuse what I saw where and when).  The scene was of an average university campus.  People were busily going from one building to another toting books, laptops, briefcases and so on.

I thought it was a medical school until the camera moved inside where it became clear that it was just an average state university and not a medical school at all.

Why did I think this?  Because so many people were wearing medical scrubs.  You know, those comfortable looking, loose fitting clothes that you see doctors, nurses and technicians wearing in hospitals?  Students and faculty alike have apparently taken more and more to wearing them.  In fact it looks to me like medical scrub apparel has pretty much become one of the latest fashion trends.

I suppose I can understand why, while they’re not what I’d call fancy, they are simple designs that look comfortable.  Not only that but it also looks like the traditional ball cap is being replaced by scrub hats, something that I think the ‘good ol boy’ types will have a problem with because I have yet to see a scrub hat with a beer company logo on it.  As for myself I kinda think it’s a considerable improvement over the ball cap style hat.  While I’m generally not one to wear hats, when I do so it’s because I want to control my hair, keep it out of my eyes and keep stuff out of it.  Not be a walking billboard for a beer company.

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