That’s right.  Mr. Helpful went to the hospital.  Though it was not because he was sick.  He went there for the same reason he does most things, to “help” someone (even if they don’t particularly want that “help”).

You see, he was at the Nutjob Hills diner the other day (I was there too, which is how I know about all this) when he overheard some nurses talking at a nearby table.  Their conversation was the usual sort of thing that you would expect nursing professionals to be talking about during their lunch hour.  Then the conversation turned to their nursing uniforms.  It seems that they were both less than thrilled that the hospital administration had no interest at all in changing from the old style traditional uniforms to modern styles that are a lot more comfortable.

Mr. Helpful was sitting at a table close to theirs and couldn’t help but overhear them.  He turned to them and said that he might be able to help solve their uniform problem if they would give him the name and number of the hospital administrator.  They did so and he thanked them and left.

A few days later I was in the diner again and saw that the nurses were once again there.  Their uniforms were different.  They actually looked comfortable as opposed to the traditional stiff starchy whites that they’d always worn.  When Mr Helpful came in a while later I asked him how he managed it.

“It was easy” he said.  “All I really had to do was get the administrator to spend two minutes looking at while I reminded him that happy employees do a better job and happy female employees not only do a better job, they make life easier for everyone there, employees and patients alike.  Since the administrator is a married man he understood instantly and the rest, as they say, is history.”

and that’s the story of how the nursing staff at the Nujob Hills Medical Center finally got the new uniforms they’d been wanting.  It just goes to show that even Mr. Helpful, normally a major annoyance, can accomplish good things.

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