Contributed by Johnny Graves

When I want impractical advice delivered in a no-nonsene style, I always tune into the Dr. Phil show on my satellite television from Direct tv. I can make sure to see his mustache and his bald head in high-definition and pay attention to all of his physical imperfections if I choose to do so. Of course, Doctor Phil and his followers would probably be among the first to say that this is a waste of my time, but watching anything on television involves at least some time that a person could better spend in other pursuits.

The difference between Dr. Phil and many of his contemporaries is he is trying to make a difference. I guess that is what a person should expect from an individual who was handpicked for the position by Oprah Winfrey. My favorite game during the show is to guess what Dr. Phil’s degree is actually in, although he has enough schooling to call himself a doctor, his degree is probably far from psychiatry.

I could easily look this up on the Internet, but knowing the answer would just take all the fun out of this game. When I’m done with Dr. Phil, I can Youtube episodes of his television talk show mentor.

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