Iran ‘swiftly seeks nuclear goal’

February 21st, 2007 | Posted in News, Politics | Comments Off on Iran ‘swiftly seeks nuclear goal’

Once again, Iran is showing it’s stubborn determination. As in, they’re
bloody well going to achieve the nuclear capability they’ve been going
after so hard.

Of course, they claim it’s just to produce fuel for nuclear power
plants, but the thing about the process of enriching uranium is that if
you enrich it more than you need for a power plant, the resulting
material is weapons grade and could be used to build nuclear weapons.

‘swiftly seeks nuclear goal’

Iran’s president says he wants nuclear power as soon as possible,
as critics in Iran urge him to accept UN demands.

Today is the day that the deadline set by the UN for Iran to stop
enrichment activities and there is no indication that they’re even going
to slow down, never mind stop.

Perhaps Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would do well to heed the
advice of a "radical reformist political party" and consider the fact
that Iran’s mad rush to gain nuclear capability is endangering their
entire nation.

Especially if they’re mad enough to actually threaten to USE one of
those nukes they’re so insistently claiming not to want… And give it
time, sooner or later they WILL threaten to use them, probably on
Americans or Israel (or both)

This would officially qualify as a genuinely stupid move.


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