One of my neighbors down the block has a problem that around here has become known as the “Tim Taylor Syndrome”.  You know the kind, no matter how good something is they always think that they can make it “better” somehow.  Usually by making whatever it is more powerful and or faster.

Such is the case here.  This guy got himself a brand new riding lawnmower and while I was looking first at that and then at my weed eater and thinking “gee, that must be nice to get a top of the line riding mower!”, I heard him telling his wife that once he “fixed” it that new machine would be “better than new”.

Fast forward three days and he’s ready to try it out.  He starts it up and you can feel the rumble halfway down the block.  He revs the engine and takes off.  Next thing you know he’s crashed into his storage shed.  Though calling it a shed hardly does it justice.  It’s one of those prefab metal buildings that a lot of people use for storage.

Not only did he crash into it, his way overpowered lawn mower managed to punch through the siding and didn’t stop until he was inside the thing.

You’d think that would be enough to stop him.  It would for most people but not him.  When he got home from the hospital yesterday he took the mower back into his shop and started working on it again.

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