Or more specifically, the ability to craft custom flooring designs.

Of course, I’m talking about being able to do so in Minecraft.  I know that I could just load up (or even make) a custom texture pack and have things look any way I’d like but that doesn’t work for two reasons

1.  suppose I go ahead and make a custom texture pack and give something the look that I want, say a fancy laminate floor design.  As soon as the next Minecraft update happens I have to re-create that texture pack (or wait for it’s creators to update it) before my preferred custom look works again.

1. I think it’d be much better to be able to craft such things in game… say have a new block called ‘floor tile’.  Maybe have several slots for such blocks…. then have the ability to upload a jpg or png texture file for that particular block.  This ‘floor tile’ block would then be able to be placed on top of the stone, dirt or wood that you’ve used for the floor, giving you the custom look that you want.

*I* think it’s a great idea and it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to implement.  If I were a coder I’d start working on it myself.  As it is, all I’ve got is a great idea.

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