Martha, a life long native of Nutjob Hills, is one of those people that absolutely insists that each and every occasion be accompanied by just exactly the right greeting card and or gift for the person in question.  It can’t just be any old thing either.  It’s got to match the occasion and personality of the recipient just so.

Recently she was actually having problems when a friend of hers was graduating from cooking school.  Nothing she could think of was good enough or appropriate enough for the occasion.  She looked at hundreds of cards and dozens of flower arrangements and didn’t like any of them for this particular special occasion.  Especially since this was for one of her best friends.

I was talking with her at the Nutjob Hills diner, trying to offer suggestions when Mr. Helpful walked in.  (and here I thought he was a hundred miles away.) He took a nearby seat and ordered coffee.  It didn’t take long before he had “overheard” enough of the conversation to know what was going on.  He took out a pad of paper, wrote something on it and handed it to Martha saying “this should give you some great ideas” and left.

On the paper he had written cookies arrangements at Sherry’s and a website address.  I had my laptop with me so I loaded up the page to have a look.  As soon as Martha saw the page full of cookie bouquets she knew it was perfect.  Her friend was in cooking school to become a pastry chef and a bouquet of cookies was the perfect touch.  Infinitely better than any bouquet of flowers or greeting card could possibly be.  She took the paper and raced home to study the website in great detail before picking what she wanted.

Then there’s Mr. Helpful.  I *KNOW* he was a hundred miles away.  I had spoken to him on the phone just 20 minutes before he showed up in the diner and the background sounds confirmed it.

Just how did he go a hundred miles in 20 minutes?

I’d really like to know.

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