Once again Big Brother is on the march. This is another effort to
require ISP’s to keep logs of Web browsing, instant message exchanges,
and e-mail conversations … FOREVER. This means any email or Instant
Message you send, any website you visit will be recorded somewhere in a
log file and made available to law enforcement pretty much on demand.
I’m sure all of this is supposed to be subject to warrants and such, but
we all know that a little thing like a warrant isn’t necessarily going
to stand in the way of some organizations, don’t we?

GOP revives
ISP-tracking legislation

All Internet service providers would need to track their customers’
online activities to aid police in future investigations under
legislation introduced Tuesday as part of a Republican "law and order

Employees of any Internet provider who fail to store that
information face fines and prison terms of up to one year, the bill
says. The U.S. Justice Department could order the companies to store
those records forever.

From a user’s point of view I take this as a sign that simply to protect
our rapidly vanishing privacy and use encryption technology a lot more.
It could be as simple a thing as using Gnu Privacy Guard or PGP to
encrypt emails, operating a TOR node and using TOR to surf the web and
other means of making certain that your surfing and communication habits
are as private as can be.

If you think about it, you’ll be amazed at some of the gaping holes that
have been eroded in our rights to privacy and civil liberties. Things
like the Homeland Security Act, The Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, The NSA
conducting illegal domestic spying, various government datamining
projects and of course, trying to enact Data Retention Laws.

Back when he was running for election the first time around, I voted for
Bush. I did so because at the time I believed that he was God’s chosen
man for the job. Since then things have changed and the Bush
administration has been directly or indirectly involved in a lot of our
freedoms being negatively affected….

general to talk data retention with new Congress

Published: January 18, 2007, 2:49 PM PST

Bush administration plans to approach Congress again this year about
the possibility of new rules requiring Internet service providers to
retain information about their subscribers for a certain period of

Well, as you can tell from the more recent story at the beginning of
this entry, we now know that "a certain period of time" should be
translated "Forever".


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