I realize that the title of this post isn’t exactly the most polite and respectful way to refer to somebody however I think that in this case it’s ok because honestly, that’s how “Sir Ralph”, as he’s known around town, refers to himself.

He started out life like so many people, dirt poor.  He had a lifetime of making do with whatever was available and using a lot of things in creative ways because he couldn’t afford to get the “real stuff” that everybody else used.

Then one day in a flash of absolute genius he invented something and sold the invention for something over ten million dollars.  Ever since then he’s called himself “the rich dude”.  I won’t talk about his invention because other than the fact that it made him a boat load of money it’s actually irrelevant to his story.  Besides which, he never talks about it.  It served it’s purpose, making a lot of money, and now he’s totally done with it.

Since then his life changed a lot.  The first thing he did was buy a house.  Not just any house though.  He bought the old mansion on the edge of town (in spite of rumors that it’s haunted) and paid to have a contractor come in and renovate the place.  That was followed by decorators, furniture movers Etc as he filled the house will all new top of the line stuff.

He also got a new car, the first one he’s ever had, also with all the bells and whistles.  Where most people would carry an ipod or something like it, he went out and got the top of the line Lecteurs MP3 player, commenting that Apple products weren’t good enough for him.

He has been heard bragging that he’s got suits that cost him more each than the combined total of all his earnings before the invention was sold.  He’s become one of those people who believes that money is no object and will spend whatever it takes to get something done.

I just can’t help wondering how long that ten million is going to last given the rate that he’s spending it.

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