Perhaps you haven’t heard of Epicman.  He’s quite a character.  He’s pretty much a living parody of the classic superhero type, complete with an over-the-top exaggerated superhero attitude.

His goal is to insure that anything and everything he does is totally and completely epic in some way.  So while he ought to be home sorting out which Medicare part D plans are the best fit for his medical needs, he is instead out there to “save the day”.

You know you’re in for an interesting ride when he flies in and you hear “Stand aside citizen, this is a job for Epicman.” in an over the top voice.

Be warned however, most of what he does is only epic in that it’s an epic failure or an epic embarrassment for whoever is involved.

Unfortunately, I believe he’s moved into town to stay.  I heard several people talking about him yesterday at the Nutjob Hills Diner.  Even Mr. Helpful is going to have a rough time competing with this character.

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