Epicman, A Pain In Flight

July 28th, 2011 | Posted in Humor, Nutjob Hills | Comments Off on Epicman, A Pain In Flight

A couple of common question is Can Epicman fly?  How does he do it?

The short answer to the first question is yes, Epicman can fly and he does so on a regular basis.

As for the second question there is a lot of speculation on that and honestly I doubt that anyone, including Epicman, really knows for sure.  I have heard quite a few theories, some of which I can say for certain are incorrect.

For example he is not from Krypton or any similar planet.  He is, in fact, a native human born and raised here on Earth.  He does not have ultra heavy duty Hydraulic Power Units and or super strong springs in his boots.  In fact, he doesn’t wear boots.  He uses what appears to be normal footwear.

He does not possess any “magical” powers (though I have to say that his ability to irritate the snot out of me borders on magical or even miraculous)

Nor do I believe that he has access to any anti-gravity technology.  From what little he’s told me, he gained the ability soon after deciding to become Epicman.  His theory is that it happened because it makes for epic entrances and exits.

Speaking of which, I have to admit that those entrances and exits are interesting.  He flies in and lands in front of you, passing through the ceiling and or walls to do so . . . *WITHOUT* breaking either.  No showers of plaster, brick wood or cement.  He seems to actually phase through the walls, ceilings and other obstacles in his path and still become solid enough to land with a noticable “thump”.

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