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Life here in Nutjob Hills has been pretty quiet lately.  That alone should have been a warning signal that something odd would happen soon and sure enough, it did.  I’m glad to say however that this time at least it didn’t involve some totally wacky scheme on the part of one of the more eccentric locals.  This time it was a travelling salesman.

The first clue that this was going to be one of the more odd moments was the fact that he knocked (pounded is more accurate) on my door at 3:30 AM.  As soon as I opened the door he started up with a rapid fire sales pitch.  Apparently he knew that I was a self employed freelance writer and he quickly started in on the risks involved with owning your own business and how it’s so incredibly easy for it to fail and when that happens, what do you do then?

Yes, I did stop him to ask why he was doing this at 3:30 AM and he said something about how this was the one way to guarantee catching people at home.  I pointed out that it was also a good way to severely annoy the daylights out of most people and risk serious bodily injury in the process.

He shrugged off my not so subtil hint and continued trying to get me to buy the business life insurance policy that he was selling.  He said that if my business should die I would need that to pick up and start fresh and still be able to pay the bills while I did so.

The strange part about it is that I’ve never heard of that kind of a policy.  Normally what that really means is a life insurance policy for the owner, partners, and employees of a business… not something intended to insure the buisness itself.

Fortunately for him I managed to get him to give up and go away inside of ten minutes.  Any longer and I’d have started dropping hints about more than just a little bodily harm.

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