Recently I commented that things have been pretty quiet here in Nutjob Hills.  A large part of this is because Mr. Helpful hasn’t been seen around town much lately.  I only just found out why that is.

You see, a while back he had helped some local nurses convince their hospital director to allow them to change from the stiff, uncomfortable traditional whites to more comfortable and fashionble uniforms.

Spurred by his success, he’s decided to go on the road several days a week.  He’s making extended visits to hospital directors all over this part of the state trying to repeat his success in getting more of them to switch to a much more comfortable variety of nursing scrubs and it looks like he’s going to continue this for a while because apparently he’s so far having about an 90% success rate.

I certainly can’t complain.  With him on the road so much these days I’m having a MUCH easier time getting stuff done.  I’m actually almost totally caught up on work that’s been delayed because of this or that scheme of his.

The one thing I find a bit odd about this is that he’s not making money on this at all.  He is not an affiliate of or sales agent for any company whose products he’s pushing.  He’s just living up to the moniker I’ve given him, “helping” people even if they don’t realize they need “help”.

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