This site ( is a wealth of information for fans of Soap Operas on CBS.
Whether there’s an episode or two you missed, your perhaps if you just
plain can’t wait to at least get a hint of what’s coming up a little
later down the storyline.

It’s a quick loading, clean and simple design. For each of the CBS
Soap Operas there are links right on the front page for news about
the show, cast information, message boards, and for those who "just
gotta know", spoilers of story elements for the next week. I looked
around a bit and found quite a bunch of stuff, some of it looks like it
could be un-expected to avid watchers.

You could see the answers to these questions and more on the ‘spoilers’
page for each show…

What shocks the people of Genoa City about Adrian?

What does Jade search for?

What does Beth confess?

And no, I’m not telling.

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