More ‘Help’ That Isn’t

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It’s no secret that my finances are, shall we say, less than optimal.  I’ve been working on improving the situation for some time and I am making progress even if it is *slow* progress.

Enter the would-be Mrs. Helpful.  While Mr. Helpful is in town she spends most of her time trying various ways to convince him to marry her and that they’d make a great team.  However when he is out of town (which is very frequently these days), she is busily doing what she does best . . . “help” people (even if they don’t particularly need or want that “help”).

I suppose it was only a matter of time before she got around to me and my situation.  Like I said, it’s not exactly a secret, she found out apparently by paying attention to conversations that she overhears at the Nutjob Hills Diner.  Of course, having found out about my “problem”, she set out to “help” me.

She spent a good deal of time looking through the local paper, not that there’s much to see, this is a small town after all.  Having decided that there wasn’t anything appropriate there she started searching online.  This morning around 3:30am she shows up in my office (what *IS* it with that anyway?  Why does everybody show up at 3:30AM?  and How does she, Mr. Helpful and a handful of others manage to get in despite the fact that I keep my home and office doors locked when I’m working???)

Anyway…. she walked into my office and in a strangely familiar manner dropped a folder on my desk on top of what I was working on.  It held about three hundred pages of printouts with details about Valet Jobs all over the tri-state area.  Some of these jobs were as much as 600 miles away! I tried (in vain I’m sure) to get her to see that even *IF* I wanted such a job, most of these are entirely too far away.  Not only that, I simply cannot do the all day standing thing that these jobs would require.  Frankly I’m good for about ten minutes standing at the most and then I have to sit down because of the pain in my back and knees.

After about half an hour or so I finally managed to convince her that I had some paying work to do and I couldn’t do it or get paid for it while she was here.  She did get in a parting shot however that I’m none too thrilled about.  On the way out the door she said “Ok, I’ll see you in a few days.”

I think it’s time for an extra set of locks and maybe an electric fence.

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