When Will It End?

February 22nd, 2007 | Posted in Misc Assorted General Stuff, News | Comments Off on When Will It End?

I’m seriously beginning to wonder where priorities are with news media.
With all the really serious things going on in the world today, what
does ABC World News Tonight talk about? Well, Tonight it was Anna Nicole
Smith and more of the absolutely insane bickering over her body and
where she’s to be buried. Last night it was Britney Spears, her new G.I.
Jane haircut. The news people have made sure we know that first she’s in
rehab, now she’s out of rehab.

But what about news about something like Congressional republicans
putting together data retention laws? I haven’t seen any mention of that
little tidbit, have you? That’s just one thing. There’s a lot of stuff
going on in Iraq, Iran and lets not forget afghanistan… Why haven’t we
heard anything about what’s going on there? We still have American
troops there.

It’s past time for news media to lay off the fluff news about Britney
and Anna Nicole, their familys and their personal problems. For one
thing these people deserve some privacy and a chance to work out their
lives and deal with their problems. Let’s shine some light on Iran, a
country that’s hell bent on developing nuclear weapons regardless of how
much they deny it. Lets have some recognition for the troups in
Afghanistan that most people seem to have forgotten between Iraq and
their own inability to tear themselves away from yet another fluff story
about people that deserve to be left alone.

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