Kenny’s Christmas List

September 18th, 2011 | Posted in Nutjob Hills | 2 Comments

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and some people are already getting their Christmas wish lists in order.  Kenny is one of those people.  The difference is that his list only contains a single item and it’s doubtful that anything else will be added to it.

You see Kenny is an audiophile. He’s into sound systems and making his listening experience the best he can possibly manage.  He’s decided that this year he will be able to finally complete the stereo system that he’s been building for most of the last decade/

He plans to do this by adding a set of headphones to the system so that he can listen without disturbing anyone else (or having to listen to anybody else).  Of course, he’s very particular about exactly which headphone he wants.  He decided on Dr Dre Headphones after doing weeks of research on every headphone that he could find anywhere. He has literally spent weeks pouring over the technical specs of ever headphone on the market and finally came to the conclusion that this was the best possible choice.

Of course Kenny can’t afford to get them himself so he’s made up a single item Christmas list and has started publishing it everywhere, emailing it to everybody he knows, posting it on facebook and twitter.. Etc.

I hate to break it to him though but because of the way the economy has been going lately I kinda doubt that very many of the people who got this one item list are going to be able to swing over $350 for a set of headphones.

I don’t doubt that they’re good (and reviews I’ve seen agree with that assessment) but really, I have to wonder if they can really make that big of a difference in sound quality that anybody could actually detect with their ears?.

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2 Responses to “Kenny’s Christmas List”

  1. It seems like everyone has the Dr.Dre headphones, Kenny has been looking at the commercial market for headphones. Do you know if he’s checked out pro studio quality headphones? Sennheiser makes good ones.

  2. i’m sure he has.  he’s been quite fanatical about being thorough.