Another 4am Salesman

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I had another salesman drop by the other day at the customary 4am that salesmen around here for reasons that I have still to figure out.  At least this time however he didn’t wake me up.  I had tried to sleep and had he arrived 20 minutes earlier he would have awakened me.  His good fortune was even greater because of why I was awake.  Losing sleep over trying to figure out how to pull myself out of the financial mess that I’m in of my bills exceeding my income and not being able to find a way to squeeze more income out of what I’m doing.  Because of that I needed a distraction.  Almost anything to take my mind off of what seems to be insurmountable problems.

When he started in on his pitch he surprised me when he said that he was selling seaweed products.  He started off by explaining that apparently Seaweed has more protien in it than eggs, more calcium in it than is in milk and it’s apparently a great source of potassium, iodine, B vitamins riboflavin, folate, pantotheic acid and more.

He was selling a package that consisted of three types of edible brown, and red seaweeed called wakame, nori and kombu that are also used a lot in Japanese and Korean restaurants

He went on to explain in considerable detail about how beneficial each of these three kinds of seaweed are supposed to be, having great health benefits and apparently useful in a wide range of Asian recipes as well.

Overall I have to say that as salesmen go he did a great job.  He was very convincing and I almost hated having to tell him that he’d wasted his great pitch because I’m currently so poor I can barely pay attention, never mind buy exotic (to me anyway) foods like seaweed.  These day’s I’m doing good if I can afford el’cheapo hot dogs enough to last half of the month.

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