Now before you get all hyper nasty anti-smoking just hear me out.  I deal with a lot of pain on an every-day-of-my-life basis and the way my finances have gone over the last few years things like painkillers, prescription of Over The Counter, are getting harder and harder to come by.

For one thing OTC painkillers just don’t cut it when it comes to tooth, jaw and Migraine pain, period. Prescription painkillers, even with part D coverage, might as well be diamond rings because I can afford both about the same.  Yeah I know with part D I only have to fork over the co-pay but I don’t *HAVE* it.

Funny thing is that I discovered years ago that nicotine and menthol both help a lot when dealing with pain.  Don’t believe me?  Sometime you should try Googling “Nicotine as painkiller”.  You’ll find some interesting reading I promise you.

This has been yet another of the eighty jilliion reasons why I want a cigarette.

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