The would-be Mrs. Helpful had only left a few minutes earlier when my cell phone rang.  I answered it to find that it was her.  The first thing I wondered was just how did she get that number?  I don’t hand that number to ANYBODY except for immediate family and none of them would have given it to her.

Anyway the reason for her call was to say that since I didn’t feel qualified for a dietician type position then I should really check out ERP Jobs because she was dead certain that I’d be more than well suited to that kind of position.  She then was nice enough to hang up and actually not keep me burning minutes on my phone.

I had to do some Google time to figure out what ERP was and found that it meant Enterprise Resource Planning.  I stopped there.  First I know that a job like this is going to require a business degree that I don’t have.  Second anytime I see a job title with “Enterprise” in it I can’t help making the mental Star Trek connection and envisioning a job aboard a starship.

Too bad nobody’s hiring for that now isn’t it!  One great advantage of working on a starship is that I could use the transporter to beam her very far away.

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