Herb D. has developed something of a problem.  He has always been a lifelong fan of the Batman.  First the comics, then the campy show from the 60’s with Adam West, various animated shows and finally the movie adaptations.

The thing is though that he admires the villians more than the Batman himself.  This halloween he decided that he was going to attend a party as his favorite Bat-Villian, Two Face.  He had a batch of custom coins made up to resemble the “special” coin that Two Face would use to make choices.  He even had a custom latex mask made up that really emphasizes the gory half of the villain.

The problem is that he got so “in character” that after the party he never took off the costume.  He’s also stayed in character the whole time and is reportedly planning some big caper in which he plans to defeat the caped crusader once and for all.

I’m pretty sure that he’s serious about this because part of his plan includes setting up a bat-signal to lure Batman into a trap.

I drove by his house the other day and it was being installed.

Yet in spite of this nobody in town is taking him seriously.  I certainly hope that someone realizes how serious this guy is before he runs into somebody that he thinks looks like Bruce Wayne.

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