The great contest of wills between Mr. Helpful and the would-be Mrs Helpful is still going on.  She is continuing to come up with plan after plan to get him to give in and marry her and he is continuing to be dead set on remaining single.

His latest efforts involve simply arranging to be too busy.  He’s doing this by taking advantage of CoursePark, an online learning system that offers all kinds of training courses, both to individuals and to businesses.

Because it’s an online system it allows people to work at their own pace and Mr. Helpful is taking full advantage of that in his latest plan to simply be too busy to have anything to do with his wanna-be wife.  He told me that he’s loaded himself down with enough courses to keep him fully occupied for at least the next three months.

He was saying that CoursePark ranks higher than most learning networks because there are actually thousands of courses from many of the world’s top education publishers and quite a number of industry experts, all on one site.

CoursePark has several tiers or levels of value to offer.  Not only do they offer all kinds of online courses to individuals. They also cater to business needs as well, allowing busenesses to send both new hires and current employees through customized training courses that quickly help them get up to speed on whatever skills they need for the job.

It’s actually free to sign up on their website.  When you join CoursePark you receive several free courses you can take in their “CourseMarket.” It is also possible to create your own free courses as well.

Check out their homepage to sign up for a free account and see for yourself.  Not only is CoursePark allowing Mr. Helpful to keep busy, he’s learning a lot doing it.

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