Rumor Abounds

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Rumors can be strange things sometimes and there seems to be plenty of them in the case of Bob’s recent disappearance.  First there was a rumor that he was looking for some technology or IT type job in spite of the fact that I know he’s just not qualified for something like that and probably wouldn’t like it if he could get it.

Then there’s another rumor that he’s going to move to Hollywood and direct a major motion picture about the story of his life.  This one actually spawned a few more rumors.  Some people even reported seeing him browsing several cheap furniture stores in los angeles, shopping for stuff to furnish a new apartment there.

Of course that contradicts the other rumors that this movie about his life would be filmed in Burmuda.  Which is also in contradiction to the story of this alleged movie because Bob has never been to Burmuda in his life, so filming a movie about his life would have no reason to take place there.

Personally I think its much more likely that he has managed to get himself invited to spend a month with his favorites from “Babes of Star Trek Gone wild” than any of the other rumors I’ve heard.

Unless of course there is anything to the one about how he’s supposedly plotting to take over the world and declare himself emperor.  THAT would be just like him.

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