Back when I first started this blog, one of the things I wanted it to be
was a place where I could comment and expand on news and current events
as they relate to life in this time of the approaching last days. I
wanted to try to write about things from a Biblical standpoint along
with my own observations.

Lately I’ve gotten away from that, writing a lot more about my own
opinions and not so much about what the Bible has to say about things.
This isn’t to say that I was wrong to voice my own thoughts and opinions
about something, but I needed to be including a Biblical take on things
as well. What I did not do was to "Seek
ye first the kingdom of heaven
". That was a mistake that caused me
to get off in the wrong direction and allowed this blog to start getting
more aimless.

As of this entry, I intend to bring this back into proportion and get
back to doing things the way I should have. I’m still going to include
my own thoughts and opinions, but I’m going to keep Biblical principles
out there where they can be seen.

I have also, in the last month or so, been doing sponsored posts. These
will continue because it’s a legitimate way to earn a few $$$, however
even those posts will be seeing a Christian take on things as it’s
appropriate. While I have thus far written one or two posts (that were sponsored)
where one of the requirements were that I take a positive point of view,
That practice ends now before it goes any farther. I will no longer
express any opinion except my own about those products and / or
services, including Biblical commentary on said product or service where
I believe it’s appropriate.

Lately I have also been including some affiliate program code in my
postings, This practice is ending immediately. I’m done with the
affiliate program. This blog is not about driving people to join
a certain company or anything like it. In fact, if I were to advertise any
particular service, it would be an effort to promote it to potential
advertisers, something that could create more paid writing opportunities
instead of more competition for the ones that are already there.

The main point of all this is that I am getting back on the course that
I should have been on all along. Naturally, my blogs will be following

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