You’d think that after all this time she would have finally given up on what certainly appears to have turned out to be a hopeless quest.  You would think that she would have finally seen the futility of her efforts.

But no, she hasn’t.  The would-be Mrs Helpful is still at it.  Never mind that Mr Helpful has made it clear that he has no intention to marry her or anyone else.  He’s done so in every way and at every opportunity possible.

I can almost picture him speaking to her in a Borg-like voice, saying: “I will not marry you, persistence is futile”

Yet in spite of his clear intention to remain single she continues her quest.  Her latest plan of attack is to use eyelash growth products and other things that are intended to enhance or emphasize various feminine qualities in the hopes of hitting on something that makes her more attractive to him.

The problem is that, as I see it, the only thing that will do that is distance.  The farther she is from him the more he will like her.  If she were to board a starship and head for the outer limits of the known universe he would no doubt fall in love with her.  However if she returned that feeling would evaporate like a drop of water in the Sahara.

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