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Ever notice how you can so easily get into habits regarding when you do things?

For example in the early days of my youtube video making career I had a habit of making my videos early in the morning, usually before 11:00am and it worked great.  It meant that once that video was uploaded I had no need to concern myself with “what am I going to talk about in this video” for the rest of the day.

Oh it’s true that I’d jot down notes about things that might be good talking points in the next days video but there was no pressure involved.  It was just causally recording a few thoughts that I could review the next morning and turn into a video.

Since then I fell behind.  One delaying circumstance after another had me getting things done later and later.  Before long I was making videos at 10:00pm or later, hurrying like mad to get it uploaded before midnight, always working against the pressure of that self imposed deadline of midnight for the day’s video.

It’s a long time since the last time I tried (unsuccessfully I might add) to change back to the morning schedule and now I’m thinking that it’s long past time to give it another shot.  I’m sick of having the pressure to come up with something good right away only minutes before the deadline, often not getting the video uploaded before 2:30am.

Time to get the schedule back on track and take the pressure off.  Maybe then I’ll have an easier time of coming up with better videos that people actually want to watch and subscribe to my channel because of.

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