Another clue in the case of the missing rodent (Bob) has been discovered.

As you may know my co-host / sidekick Bob who is the host of “Points of View” disappeared about two months ago and has not been seen around here since.  In that time there has been countless rumors and mostly bogus “Bob sightings” around the world however there has been very few actual clues as to his whereabouts, why he left and what he’s doing now.

I was doing some much needed cleanup of the incredibly over packed mess of an excuse for his room when I discovered something.  Apparently he took both of his cameras with him.  I can say this because I found both of the camera cases as I was doing the cleanup job.  They were empty.  This tells me that he expected to need the cameras for whatever he’s been up to.

Not only that, but it also adds confirmation that he left in a hurry.  That’s because while he may have left the cameras out of their cases at home, he NEVER took them anywhere without packing them securely in the cases first.  He may be a slob but he’s always been ultra careful with things like his cameras.

The question still remains however, where has he gone and just what is he up to?

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