Thanks to Olga Quinn

I have made a very serious resolution this year to donate more money to charity. I have pledged money to a couple of animal rights organizations in my community, and I’ll be donating regularly to the local community center as well. I feel great about my resolution, and knowing that I’ll be helping people is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. That being said…money is tight. Very tight, actually. I’m fairly young and at the beginning of my career, so I don’t have a lot of extraneous income right now. To be able to donate the money I want, I’ve had to really start cutting back on what I spend. I clip coupons now and shop store brand. I don’t buy a coffee every day, and I don’t spend silly amounts of money on things I don’t need. It’s definitely helped. I also discovered through someone at the community organization that since we live in Texas we can select our own energy providers. I was able to shop around for a better rate than what I was paying, and I’ve already started to see a cost savings. Check out Texas Electricity Providers to see if you can save too.

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