The latest in a long line of bogus clues that for some reason have managed to become widely popular explanations of why Bob is missing and what he may or may not be up to has recently come to my attention.

This new urban legend has Bob taking on the role of superhero.  Not the kind with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men but the kind that does their thing with the aid of technology.

This legend has Bob doing all manner of admittedly cool sounding things, including flying and demonstrating serious feats of strength with the aid of a cybernetic suit of armor ala Iron Man.  Never mind the fact that Bob couldn’t even lift such a suit, let alone use it and that trying to do so would leave him in a hospital waiting for laser spinal surgery to repair serious damage to his spine among many other problems that could be caused.

I do not discount the possibility that such a suit of armor could be built.  Given today’s technology I’m quite sure that it’s entirely possible.  The problem is that while we’re capable of a lot I doubt seriously that it could be made small enough for Bob to operate it at all.  For that matter, I doubt he could even begin to attempt lifting it, never mind put it on.

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