Why do I say that?  Because I’ve found it to be painfully true.  As I write this it’s cold in here.  Sitting here in my living room I can see my breath.  Why?  Because it’s only 40 degrees in here that’s why.

For the “wise ones” that suggest turning the furnace on, I can’t do that because I don’t have enough fuel to run it.  Propane has become something that I can’t afford anymore.  I bought 100 gallons last Sept. and have been using it only for hot water since then.  It’s almost gone.

Meanwhile it’s too cold most of the time to do much of anything but stay under covers wearing my big heavy coat.  Another “wise one” suggested that I should hire a raleigh house cleaning service to come in and get things caught up and I might consider that but for two very good reasons.  If I can’t afford to pay for propane to heat the house how am I going to pay a cleaning service?  also, I’m not in Raleigh.  Not by several states.

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