There is yet another rumor this week about Bob.  The last one was that he was trying out for the Olympic ski team.  An unlikely prospect at best however this newest rumor is beyond the twilight zone.

This latest entry in the running for the weirdest rumor yet is that allegedly Bob is pregnant with a half human, half gerbil child of one of his favorite “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild”.  The rumor tries to substantiate itself by claiming that Bob was seen shopping for maternity clothes in a number of Los Angeles stores earlier this week.  I can categorically state that there is no way this could happen.  You see Bob is convinced that the California coast is on the verge of breaking off and falling into the Pacific ocean in an earthquake.  therefore he would never go to LA and risk being caught in the disaster . . . Even if he was pregnant (which of course we all know is never going to happen).

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