Over the last several months I’ve seen an unbelievable number of rumors and alleges “clues” about why Bob has disappeared and where he might have gone, what he’s up to, and so on.  However I think this one is one of the more elaborate ones.

It starts out claiming that Bob has decided to become a DJ.  It says that he found an ad in the newspaper and literally emptied his savings to buy a set of Technics turntables, a Pioneer 626 mixer and a collection of vinyl records.

Most rumors stop there however this one goes on to claim that Bob is also writing a book entitled “Direct Drive vs. Belt Drive” that is supposed to be all about an apparently crucial choice in turntable design.

This rumor even contains a blurb from the alleged book: “Direct drive has better torque control.  You get better control over how quickly the record will start and stop. The problem with cheaper belt drives is that they give you much less control because of a much more inefficient transfer of power from the belt to the plate.”

Apparently the book goes into exacting detail about anti-skate mechanisms, tone arm design, the fine art of proper pitch control and so on.

While I have to admit that Bob is definitely a music lover and he’s spent a lot of time building and perfecting his sound system I have to doubt the idea of his becoming a DJ.  I just don’t see it happening.

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