One of the latest in a long line of alleged clues as to what Bob is doing and why he vanished a few months back is the highly unlikely claim that he has moved to the Australian Outback because he want’s to “commune with nature”

Sorry, that’s just not gonna happen.  Bob is many things but “Nature Boy” is definitely not one of them.  The closest he gets to that is when he manages to convince a female Star Trek fan to go “Au Natural” with him to watch his favorite “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild” videos. (yeah, he actually succeeds at that once in a while, go figure.)

Some people are just tuned into nature and get into all of that stuff very easily.  Doing things like recycling and planting trees to drinking herbal tea and using seaweed shampoo because it just sounds environmentally friendly.

Bob is not one of those people.  He’s far to self involved for anything even remotely like that.

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