Smart card claimed to be “hacker-proof”

February 28th, 2007 | Posted in Last Days, News, Privacy, Security, Technology | Comments Off on Smart card claimed to be “hacker-proof”

I just saw this article in the Gulf Daily News about a ‘smart card’
being put into use in Bahrain. They’re claiming that this one is "Hacker

I guess these guys don’t know much about hackers, saying that something
cannot be cracked is likely to encourage hackers to go ahead and crack
it just to prove that it can be done. Of course, as part of the proof,
the method used to do it will be published .. and copied.

card ‘is hacker-proof’

Information on the new Smart Card is protected and can only be
accessed by authorised government employees, MPs heard yesterday.
Central Informatics Organisation director Mohammed Al Amer said that
information on the card was on the protected chip and cannot be
accessed by any system.

He said it would require special equipment and key-chip to access
the information.


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