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Contributed by Milford Woods

We upgraded our cable package at just in time for the Summer Olympics that are coming to London in June. It’s less than one hundred and fifty days away! Unfortunately, my husband and I won’t be able to make it across the pond to watch the Olympics—we have never been able to attend. We will be watching all the action in HD though. I think that diving is my favorite sport in the summer Olympics. I think that is absolutely amazing how people are able to dive from boards and platforms and land perfectly. I can’t believe how little of a splash that people make when they enter the water. I would definitely be way to scared to jump from anything that high. My husband’s favorite sport to watch is anything that takes place on the track. He ran track in high school and still loves to watch it. I am old now, but the last time I really remember follow the summer Olympic Track was in 1996 when Michael Johnson wore those gold Nikes! Those were awesome!

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One Response to “GOLD SHOES”

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    Summer Olympics in June is one of the most awaited exciting activities I wanted to watch… Love it!