Ok. I admit it, that’s a really sorry pun in the title but I couldn’t resist it.

What it’s about is one of the latest rumors about Bob (the gerbil who went missing a few months ago) and what he’s up to lately and this one is really something.

According to the rumor, Bob has gotten seriously into gaming.  Not only that, but allegedly he’s been recording gameplay videos and uploading them to Youtube.  The rumor was conveniently lacking in details such as the youtube channel name he’s using for this so I couldn’t check it out for myself and there’s no way to search without knowing at least what game he’s doing this with because of the high number of people that do this.

The interesting part is that the source of the rumor claims that he has obtained a ps3 hard drive that contains several hours of gameplay video (again, conveniently not mentioning what game) that he insists is Bob playing said game.

Before I’m willing to believe this one I think I’d have to actually watch the video and specifically listen to the voice of the person doing the commentary.  Bob’s voice is, to say the least, rather distinctive and that’s about the only way I could be sure it’s really him.  Of course it’s not going to be possible to do this so I’ll never really know unless Bob shows up and tells me himself.

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