One of the things that you have to keep in mind about the never ending stream of rumors about Bob is that once in a great while one comes along that sounds exactly like something he would do or say.

One recent example is a rumor that sent to me by yet another anonymous source claiming that Bob has recently become a YoYo enthusiast.  According to the source, he’s become quite adept at a number of tricks and has recently decided to upgrade to a better YoYo than what he was using.

The thing that sounds the most like him is that when he did this upgrade, he didn’t just buy one YoYo.  No, Bob can’t just buy one of something.  He’s got to buy a lot of them and that’s what he did.  THe anonymous tipster said that Bob has bought 144 dozen dv888 YoYo’s.  That sounds *Exactly* like something that Bob would do.  I remember the time that he bought six dozen laptops and over 800 mouse pads.  Yep, Bob is all about excess.

Granted there’s the question of how he’s going to pay for all this but that’s never stopped him before.  It’s the reason that it’s not a good idea to let him have a credit card.  He’ll max it out in no time flat if you don’t watch him very carefully.

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