It happened about four years ago now that my lawnmower “Retired” (stopped working).  In recent weeks I’ve been asked more than a few times why I use a weed eater to do the lawn instead of the mower and basically, that’s why.  The thing doesn’t run anymore and hasn’t even started in four years.

It had been running rough and getting harder and harder to start for several months.  One helpful “genius” who shall remain nameless decided to check it out to see if he could fix it.  He advised that the problem was in the fuel regulators and that it would cost less to replace the whole mower than to buy new ones.  The problem of course is that mowers don’t have complex fuel regulators at all.  It’s a simple demand system,

As it turned out something had broken in one of the gears that make up the excuse for an “oil pump” in the machine and it simply seized up.

I never replaced it because I haven’t had the hundred and fifty bucks or so that a new one would cost and I know better than to buy a mower used.

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