So I’ve got this neighbor down the street that likes to hunt.  Sounds normal enough doesn’t it?

It’s not.

He can’t just go deer hunting ( or whatever the current season is ), bring home his trophy, have it butchered and maybe have the head stuffed so that he can hang it on his den wall.

No.  he’s decided to make this creepy thing in his front yard that features entire animals stuffed and set up on premier mounts, posed to look like they’re alive, walking around in his yard.  Scared the crap out of the elderly woman across the street from him when she came home to find a full grown lion perched atop his fence, eyeballing her front door like it was lined with raw meat.

What I want to know is because he’s never left the state of Arkansas, just where did he shoot a lion?

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Filed under: Nutjob Hills

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