Somehow it just isn’t right.  I’m sick, have been sick for over two weeks now.  Yet does that get me a break?


Not only do I have work of my own to do, some of which includes deadlines, I also have the never ending flow of people asking me to do assorted little “favors” for them.  Now normally I don’t mind a certain amount of this because it’s good PR for me.  However when I’m sick I honestly don’t feel quite so generous.

When Harry came by needing help finding a part for his tv I was ok taking a few minutes to search one up for him.  Then Ralph came by a bit later needing me to read reviews on phenteripped so that he could decide if Mr. Helpful’s suggestion that he try it for weight loss was ok to go ahead and do.

That’s when I lost it.  Mr. Helpful may have a habit of coming up with weird solutions but he always does his homework and makes sure that it’s at least technically “safe”.

Besides, I figure that after all this time of me showing him how, Ralph ought to be able to find those reviews and read them for his bloody self.

Then again, some people have proven incapable of learning.

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