Something very unusual happened this morning.  The lawn next door was mowed.

I’m not talking about the yard of the family next door.  I’m talking about the yard of the house on the opposite side from theirs.  That house has been empty for over five years and I’ve rather liked that fact.  Because of the condition that house is in I figure nobody is ever likely to move in anytime soon so on one side I have essentially an empty lot.

This appears to be changing

Like I said, the lawn was mowed this morning.  Normally that doesn’t happen until late summer when the city gets tired of the grass being four and five feet tall for months on end.

Now I’m starting to hear rumors that not only is somebody going to move in but that they’ve been spending a LOT of time checking out playground equipment at This means that not only will somebody move in but that they’ve got kids.  Apparently quite a few of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I like kids fine, as long as they don’t live close to me.  No offense intended but I really don’t need the additional noise.  It’s bad enough already with Jakob on the next block test firing his new rocket motor at 4:00am three days a week.  I don’t need what a passle of kids will add to that.  Heck, they might even drown out the rocket motor.

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