The Panic

April 30th, 2012 | Posted in Nutjob Hills | Comments Off on The Panic

I was busily working away at trying to solve a particularly stubborn problem late last night when there was a sudden frantic pounding on my door.  Against my better judgement I decided to go ahead and answer it, if only to stop the infernal pounding.

When I opened the door Lucas rushed in, very much in an almost total panic.  It took me a few minutes to calm him down and find out what the problem was.  Finally he managed to say teenage girl gifts.  I actually had to think about that because it didn’t register right off.

“You mean you need to buy gifts for a teenage girl?”  I asked.  “yeah, but I’ve never done that before and I dunno what to get” he managed to say.

Well, I had to admit that he had a problem alright.  but I explained to him that while teen girls can be hard to buy for, there are some basic things that most of them will like.

Aside from the old staples of chocolates and flowers it depends on what her tastes are.  Is she into movies, then finding out her favorite type of movie lets you get something that she will probably like.  The same goes for books if she’s one of the few that still bother to read.

Jewelry is almost always a hit as well.  If she is an artist type then perhaps some kind of art supplies or a painting by some artist she likes.  Then there’s more modern standbys like MP3 players, cell phones or computers.

Really all it takes is a bit of thought and knowing a bit about the girl you’re buying for.  There really isn’t any need to be in quite that much of a panic.

One very important consideration is that teen girls are a lot like older women in that the one thing you DON’T want to do is buy them something “practical”.  Oh they’ll be nice about it to your face but you can bet you will land in the doghouse for weeks and the item will sit unused in a closet somewhere forever.

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